Top Leaf Blower

The transition from the last heatwave of summer to full autumn sometimes happens overnight. As soon as the mercury drops in the thermometer, the leaves follow suit. Whether you live in a neighborhood or in a rural location, an overabundance of leaf litter starts to look unsightly. It can also contribute to staining on patios or yard elements as piles start to decompose and present a fire hazard in dry areas. An investment in a quality leaf blower is an essential part of a leaf maintenance plan when raking regularly isn't possible. The current market features an option for everyone - whether a quite models is needed to keep the homeowner's association happy or an industrial level beauty is required to blast through several acres. Check out these top options to find the perfect blower for you.

For large parcels of real estate, only a magnum will do. The Stihl BR800 C-E Magnum is a gasoline-powered backpack blower. At nearly 26 pounds, the unit is very heavy, but the harness system makes the weight easier to support. The heft, meanwhile, fuels a powerful blowing action capable of cleaning a large swath of real estate. Easily accessible controls allow the unit to be turned on and off without taking off the harness, providing added versatility for occasional cleanup duties. Noise can be a concern, so the Stihl is best avoided for early morning weekend work details or for use in a quiet cul-de-sac. At $649.95 through licensed Stihl dealers, the cost is also best justified by a multi-acre home site or commercial needs. The only way to secure a significantly cheaper unit is on the second-hand market.

Greenworks is one of the leading names in electric variations on traditional yard tools. Their cordless backpack blower provides a solid entry to the fall yard care market. The BPB90L2510 is an 80-volt cordless model that ships with a 2.5 Ah battery and charger that provides 19 minutes of cleaning time. However, you have the option to purchase just the base unit if you already have a Greenworks battery that can pull double-duty. The electric leaf blower features a 145 mph blast capable of cleaning a standard yard with ease while keeping the noise level to a dull roar - 60 decibels - for the neighbors. At 14.64 pounds, the harness makes this lighter weight unit even easier to handle. At Amazon, the Greenworks costs $299 with battery and $152 without. Tractor Supply stores market the unit for $279 while Wal-Mart also carries a $299 price tag. Each retailer offers either free shipping or a free ship-to-store option.

Makita is a favored name among tradesmen and tool enthusiasts of all types. The Makita XBU02PT blower kit fits right into an existing arsenal by utilizing the standard 18-volt Makita battery. For homeowners with curb appeal, the Makita unit makes detail work, like directing leaves through a gutter or away from sewer system grates, a snap. It can be used for easily cleaning around yard decorations without disturbing other plants or loose soil and features a handle setup that is easy to handle. Due to its reliance on the 18-volt Makita battery, the unit does provide only approximately 11 minutes of blowing time. However, an extra battery pack is easily added for longer jobs. On Amazon, a XBU02PT1 kit with four batteries cost $319. The base blower with no batteries is $119 while a two-battery option is $249. At, a two-battery option with a brushless angle grinder added to the kit is $329.

An early investment in leaf removal helps you stay on top of the yard work through the fall, avoiding large piles of drain-clogging leaf litter. Assess your needs and pick out the blower that best suits the requirements of your yard today.