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Top Smartphone Deals - Samsung, LG and Apple

On the market for a new smartphone? If so, then check out the latest deals on Samsung, LG and Apple mobile devices. From the Samsung Galaxy lineup to the latest iPhone version, many of today’s top-selling phones were made by these companies. If you haven’t bought a new phone yet, then you’re in luck, as each of these companies is offering special deals on their best mobile devices. Even if you still owe money on your old phone, you might still find a deal that lets you upgrade. Read on to learn more about the best deals and offers for Samsung, LG and iPhone devices.

First, let’s review the latest Samsung deals. Best Buy is offering the highly popular Samsung Galaxy S8, Note8 and 8+ for a whopping 50 percent off! The only catch to this deal is customers need to sign up with Sprint, or they need to be existing Spring customers. Also, if you don’t need the latest-and-greatest smartphone technology, you can get your hands on a Galaxy S7 for just $7.99 per month. Best Buy’s partnership with Sprint makes this a great time for anyone to acquire a new Galaxy phablet or smartphone.

If you want a new Android for a little less money, then check out LG’s deals on new smartphones. Customers much sign up with AT&T Next in order to take advantage of these great deals. Also, they must sign up for two years of DIRECTV with a minimum monthly fee of $29.99 per month. With AT&T service, customers can get a new LG V30 smartphone and get a second one completely free! This BOGO offer is great if you need more than one new phone for your household. In addition to the V30, customers can also choose to receive either an LG G6 or an LG X.

Last are the great deals being offered on the new iPhone X! For this deal, you’ll have to sign up for T-Mobile, one of the fastest-growing cellular providers in the United States. Through T-Mobile, you can get a new iPhone X for less than one-third of the regular price or make low payments of just $30 per month. T-Mobile offers several baseline perks to customers, too, such as free music and video streaming as well as unlimited data usage on all plans.

If you want to get a new smartphone—especially one from Samsung, LG or Apple—then now’s the time to score a great deal. Check out the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Note8, get a new iPhone X or land the new LG V30. Better yet, each of these deals comes with affordable, outstanding service from a leading provider. Now is the time to win big with an incredible smartphone deal.