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Top Online Razor Clubs with Deals on Refillable Razors

Refillable razors and their cartridges provide a close, comfortable shaving experience for both men and women. These razors and accompanying cartridges, however, can make a significant dent in a monthly budget. Buying these products from grocery or drug stores can be confusing and overwhelming; not only do customers overpay for cartridges, but there are a ton of them to choose from. Fortunately, buying cartridges and refillable razors no longer needs to be a dreaded task. Online razor clubs add convenience and affordability to the process of shopping for these products. Refillable razor clubs with deals on refillable razors and cartridges can help consumers save a lot of money during the course of a year. Plus, customers get their products delivered to their doors through monthly subscription programs. The top online razor clubs with deals on refillable razors include Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s, and Gillette on Demand.

Dollar Shave Club is the original and most popular online razor club with deals on refillable razors. Customers choose from a twin blade, 4-blade, and 6-blade razor. Customers can try out Dollar Shave Club’s Starter Set, which has the Executive razor - the best one available - along with trial sizes of their most popular shaving products. After this initial box, replacement cartridges ship every one to two months. Shipping is free. While there is no free trial, this company does offer trial kits of their grooming products. Plus, it is simple to change the type of razor and cartridges received each month, for those who want to change from the 6-blade to the 4-blade or vice versa. The monthly cost for the twin blade is only $1, while the 4-blade costs $6 per month and the 6-blade costs $9 per month.

Harry’s is also a popular online razor club with deals on refillable razors. This company offers a free trial, which comes with a razor, cartridge, and shave gel for only $3 to cover shipping costs. Their blades come directly from the factory, which cuts costs since there’s no middleman. Blades cost less than $2 each, delivered directly to customers. Subscription plans vary, and are based on how often each customer needs a refill of cartridges. Shipping is free after the trial pack, and customers can change their plans or cancel at any time.

Gillette is a popular in-store brand of razors with refillable cartridges, and they may have been nudged into the online razor market based on competition that is heating up the market. Gillette On Demand lets customers who love their razor blades order them online and have them delivered to their doors. Customers can choose to make a one-time purchase or subscribe to a plan. With the subscription plans, every 4th order is free. However, these online razors are on the pricier side. This could be because the brand has specialized in high-quality refillable cartridges. There is free shipping on Mach3, Turbo, and Fusion ProShield razors, and there are no lengthy contracts or commitments. Prices range from $13 for Mach3 Turbo, which is less than $2 per blade, and $20 for Fusion Proshield, which is $4 per blade.