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Top 3 Organic Dog Foods

Dog lovers are growing increasingly concerned with making sure their pets are fed great food made with organic quality ingredients. Because of this shift, the market has been flooded with natural dog food choices from a variety of brands. Organic dog food has been found to benefit pets the most, which is awesome! The sticky part is deciding on the best organic food brand to choose. To help you out, here are the top three rated organic dog food brands on the market today.

The one on top is Castor & Pollux adult dry dog food. It’s made with organic proteins from organic quinoa, flaxseed, and a variety of fruits and vegetables. It comes in different protein and vegetable recipe choices, such as lamb and peas, chicken and potatoes, and salmon and peas. The recipes are all grain free and contain no corn, soy, or wheat. The ingredients are organically produced without synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides, artificial preservatives, growth hormones, or antibiotics. Castor & Pollux is an American-made brand with a guarantee to provide only the highest-quality ingredients in its dog food. Their motto is to get the best out of your pet; you have to put the best into them. The company is certified by the USDA’s National Organic Program. It is a dog food that owners can feel good about feeding to their canines.

Coming in second is PetGuard’s Vegetarian dry dog food. The vegetarian recipe is made with organic vegetables and is free from chemicals, fillers, wheat, corn, soy, or other byproducts. It helps your dog have a healthy, shiny coat with ingredients including omega 3 and 6, wholesome organic grains, fruits, and vegetables shown to be healthy for dogs. PetGuard has been in business since 1979 and works from the philosophy and commitment to pets and pet owners to provide natural alternatives for pets and the environment. PetGuard works to minimize toxic chemicals in the world’s environment and feed pets in a way to help them have a healthier extended life. Studies show that pets fed vegetarian PetGuard contract fewer diseases over their lifetime and are more active across their lifespan with a well-balanced diet from PetGuard’s food. The limitation of PetGuard’s vegetarian line is that not all pet owners feel vegetarian are best for their dog.

In third place is Real Meat Organic Dog Food by TruDog. TruDog provides an interesting choice of freeze dried “superfood” for dogs that you just add water to for a fresh meal. Real Meat food contains no gluten, grains, fillers, or chemical additives. It is 99 percent real meat, meaty bone, and vital organs. It comes in two options: Beef Bonanza and Turkey Gourmet Gobbler. The beef food is made from Wisconsin free-range, grass-fed SDA beef, bones, and organ meats. The turkey option is made from cage free USA born turkey meat, bone, and organs. TruDog commits to providing pets with real meat meals without things nature did not intend for pets to eat, such as chemicals, fillers, or grains. TruDog is hand packaged and provides our pet with prime ingredients for optimal health through digestible proteins for your pet’s healthy coat, digestion, and high energy. Ingredients are locally sourced from the heartland of America.