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Top 3 Most In-Demand Jobs

Whether you’re looking to change careers or just starting out, there are in-demand jobs you may want to consider. These are jobs that employers are scrambling to fill. These top in-demand jobs are named each year by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which uses trends in hiring and trade statistics, college graduate employment data and the Bureau’s position listings. These positions are technically based and come from a range of industries in the marketplace for 2017. None of these positions will likely be replaced by robotic technology anytime soon, which is great news for you! Here are the top tghree most in-demand jobs right now.

Coming in first is a home health aide. The projected hiring growth rate by 2024 is projected to rise by 38 percent. While the average salary is around $22,000 a year, that is likely to increase with growing demand for workers. Home health aides generally work in private homes to assist those who can’t care for themselves. Duties include tasks such as feeding, bathing, dressing, cleaning, light cooking, and being there for basic human contact. Aides usually administer medication, take vitals, and with training may help with using medical support equipment. Health aides can also accompany patients to their medical appointments. Each state varies in the requirements for a degree or certification, and there’s usually a requirement for on-the-job training. Certification requires hours of experience, an examination, and a demonstration of competency in the necessary skills. An associate’s degree in nursing is required in some states.

The second in-demand job is a physical therapist. The projected growth by 2024 is up 35 percent, and the average salary is $84,000 a year. A physical therapist helps people to restore, develop, and maintain their movements to improve their physical functioning. They often work with people who are either temporarily or permanently disabled because of an injury, disease, or advanced age. Physical therapists work in hospitals, physician’s offices, physical therapy offices, or may have a private practice. Historically, a bachelor’s degree was required, but today physical therapists are required to have a master’s or higher degree in physical therapy and required to be licensed by their states. Licensure includes passing the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE), and each state has its own requirements to sit for the exam.

The third place job is a financial advisor with a projected growth of 30 percent by 2024. The average salary is $89,000 annually. Financial advisors help people by providing strategies for the best way to manage their investments, retirement, insurance, education plans, wealth management, and income taxes decisions. They educate people on how to handle these items to meet their income goals. To become a financial advisor, a bachelors or master’s degree is necessary. There is a choice of fields to get the degrees, such as economics, finance, accounting, business, law, or mathematics. The skills necessary for a financial advisor include a thorough understanding of mathematics, economics, finances, analysis, communication, interpersonal skills, and sales. Most states require a license that is specific to their role, such as stocks or insurance. Some certifications can be necessary as well, but most firms provide their employees with assistance to obtain any certifications needed. Common certifications are in areas of financial planning and financial consultant. All financial advisor areas require on-the-job training for at least one year with a company that specializes in the area and provides regular training in and around the specified area of work.