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Top 3 Mattress Brands

Purchasing a new mattress is a decision that should be well thought out as the quality and alignment of your mattress with your sleep style can make a significant difference in how rested and refreshed you feel each morning. There are differences in innerspring and memory foam that typically put consumers in one camp or the other. Depending on your needs either option can work for you, or one may offer more benefits. These top three mattress brands rate high in both quality and customer satisfaction with Sealy, Serta, and Simmons consistently leading the pack. Take a look to learn more about these exceptional mattress options.

One of the oldest and most trusted brands currently available, Serta offers quality mattresses in a wide-ranging price range that starts at $500 and exceeds $8,000. The iComfort Hybrid Applause II Firm leads the pack with its innerspring mattress that also offers a memory foam top. This hybrid technology is a favorite of consumers seeking the firmness of the innerspring with the softness and coolness of a memory foam pillow top. Their iComfort Prodigy offers a firm sleeping surface while the two gel layers help to keep the mattress cool. The mattress is rated as plush and is available at an attractive retail price point.

Sealy offers both innerspring and memory foam mattresses from a very affordable starting point. Their 100+ years in business is a testament to the quality of their mattresses and their commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Foam mattresses continue to dominate the industry, mainly due to the high customer satisfaction that they offer. 80% of memory foam customers claim high satisfaction, compared to 60% of innerspring mattress owners. The Optimum Level Gold is one of the most popular foam mattresses on the market and starts at around $3,000. The Sealy Posturepedic foam offers a hybrid option for consumers that are looking for durability, firmness, with coolness and motion isolation being less important.

The Simmons Beautyrest offers foam and gel atop a traditional innerspring mattress. This firm mattress contains 850 pocketed coils that are topped with 1.25” of foam and 2” of gel foam. This mattress comes in medium to firm and retails at around $1,100 making it one of the more affordable popular options. Simmons has also been around for quite some time and remains relevant due to their constant innovation and updates to their products. The Simmons Recharge Briana line is also a popular and highly rated choice. This mattress offers titanium coils and foam and gel layers. The Briana line is known for its high level of motion isolation that many consumers and their spouses find important. This model also receives high reviews for coolness, which is not always the case with innerspring mattresses.

A good mattress should last about 10 years and be replaced regularly as it will begin to sag and lose its support. These top three brands offer a full range of styles and firmnesses that will likely suit your needs.