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Top 3 Fitness Watches

Fitness watches allow people to monitor their overall activity levels and work toward their fitness goals. Each fitness watch measures various factors such as heart rate, sleep cycles, calories burned, training logs, steps, distance and time. After each workout, you can use all this data to see whether you’re making progress (or if you need a harder workout). Fitness watches come in many different brands, styles, colors and prices. Here, we’ll review our picks for the top three models.

The top-rated fitness watch is the Fitbit Alta HR. It looks just like the standard Alta but has more features. The Alta HR provides continuous heart rate and health data tracking, smartphone notifications, the OLED touchscreen, swappable wristbands, and it monitors sleep patterns. Your Fitbit will remind you to move, and it tracks your cardio fitness level while automatically recognizing exercise. It is the slimmest design with 10 different wristband color options to fit any wardrobe. The battery can last up to seven days, and it works in connection with an app that helps you reach your goals through visual feedback of a heart rate tracker to help you hit your peak zone for the time you need. Alta HR has a better calorie burn tracking system and uses PurePulse technology, which tracks your heart rate continuously and automatically. Fitbit is a leader in fitness trackers and has a variety of Fitbit options for activity level and lifestyles.

Second is the Apple Watch Series 2 Smartwatch. The Series 2 is a waterproof smartwatch and a fitness tracker with one of the most accurate heart rate sensors on the market. It has a reliable calendar and timekeeper tool and helps you keep tabs on your workout progress so you can meet your goals faster. Apple uses top-of-the-line hardware and intuitive software making it durable and user-friendly. It is water-resistant to 50 meters so that it can be used it for swimming, surfing, and other water sports. Because of its water-resistance rating, it accurately tracks water exercises. The display is larger and brighter than other fitness watches, so it can easily be seen in direct sunlight. The Series 2 has a built-in GPS system, which is ideal for cyclists and runners. The GPS accurately tracks speed, pace, and distance for outdoor workouts. It also supports most health and fitness tracking platforms and apps. The silicone bands come in a variety of options developed by Nike, Hermes, and other designers.

In third place are the Samsung Gear Fit2 watch and tracker. It’s not as large as the Apple, but it’s wider than the Fitbit. It comes with the curved super AMOLED touchscreen, which is user-friendly, and several fitness-tracking options. It has a GPS antenna, a heart rate sensor and built-in Spotify integration for you to upload your favorite tunes directly to the band. It is water-resistant for up to 30 minutes in 5 feet of water, connects to both Android and iOS smartphones, and tracks your activities. The Fit2 monitors your heart rate continuously, automatically tailors workouts for calories burned, and auto-tracks for multiple sports, such as hiking, cycling, exercise, and more. The Gear Fit2 comes in three vivid colors.