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Shopping for Engagement Rings

It’s exciting to talk about getting married to the person you love and planning how you’re going to pop the question. Shopping for the engagement ring can be fun and stressful at the same time. Questions race through your mind like, “Is this the right ring?” or “Does this ring fully convey my feelings?” To help cut down stressful thoughts, here are some shopping tips to help you prepare to buy the perfect engagement ring. It all starts before you go shopping, so get ready to do some planning.

Start out by paying attention to your partner’s style so you can surprise her with a ring she truly will love and appreciate. Don’t be afraid to ask her best friend or close family member for help and swear them to secrecy! Look at the jewelry she wears daily and ask yourself if she’s a white, yellow, or rose gold girl, or is she more the silver or platinum girl. Does she go for vintage jewelry styles, simple jewelry, or classic pieces? Having this information in mind when you go shopping is invaluable. It will also help you determine the shape of the stone if you’re going this direction. You need to know the shape (diamond, square, round, and so on) your fiancée loves the most because this will help narrow down the field. You also need to keep in mind lifestyle. If your mate plays sports, then you might want to consider a slimmer ring or band so she can wear it daily without it hanging up.

It’s time to think about your budget. You want to buy the best ring possible without going into significant debt. Depending on the style of ring, you can size up without purchasing up. What this means is if you’re looking for something bigger, but your price range doesn’t fit; then look at rings that are raised from the band. The stone will look bigger if it isn’t set as deep. Look at purchasing loose stones for a custom design, because sometimes this route can be more cost effective and the end result may be more unique. If you’re looking at a band, then go for a narrower band of the material you want. Plan to give yourself about six weeks to find the ring you want, and if you’re planning to have a custom designed or engraved ring, give yourself a few extra weeks.

Decide if you want an engagement ring that is also the wedding ring, or if you want to buy an engagement ring that adds the wedding ring. If you’re building a custom engagement ring with a wedding ring, think about how they will fit together. Do you want matching rings? Consider buying the engagement ring and wedding rings together. If you and your mate don’t care for the same metals, such as platinum and yellow gold, you always have the choice to mix the metals or even styles into something unique for the two of you. Wedding rings are not trendy jewelry, so think about a ring that she will want to wear for years to come. There are several things to consider before you go shopping, but every decision you make before you go, it narrows down the ring choices and will make shopping easier. One final tip is to shop safely. Search out recommended jewelers or check industry organization affiliations. Stores with Jewelers of America accreditation or are members of the Gemological Institute of America are reliable places to start.