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RN to BSN Degree Programs

If you are currently an RN and want to continue your education, a BSN program is a logical next step. There are several RN to BSN Degree programs, but it may be difficult to decide which one is right for you. These three options all provide a high level of education and depending on your preferences and flexibility needs, one may be a better fit for you over the others. All of the three programs are fully accredited and well-respected in the field of nursing education. If you are an RN, you are likely aware of the many additional career opportunities that are possible upon completion of your BSN degree.

Kaplan University is a popular option for many RNs who are looking for career advancement, as their ExcelTrack allows them to receive credit for their current competencies and practical experience. This online option also offers a lot of flexibility and the self-directed pace can allow for a significant amount of cost savings. The institution also offers an Accelerated Master of Science in Nursing program if you desire to continue your education after receiving your BSN. Kaplan has been around for decades and their programs are well-respected and comprehensive.

Chamberlain University offers both on-campus and online options for their RN to BSN degree programs. If you have practical nursing experience you may be able to compress your curriculum load and shorten the amount of time that the typical two-year program takes. The program is fully accredited and offers the students that opportunity to structure their course load around their work and family life requirements. Their transfer program will allow you to continue education processes that you may have started elsewhere without losing credits or having to repeat subject matter. This University enjoys a history spanning 125 years and is highly regarded in the field of nursing.

Drexel University is one of the nation’s oldest colleges, and their history has been built upon to the present day, making it one of the most respected schools, both online and on-campus. The clinical and practical experience that you will gain while undergoing the Drexel RN to BSN program will help you to stand out amongst your peers and enjoy the respect that comes with being a Drexel nurse. Their program is consistently rated in the top 50 of the nation’s accredited RN to BSN programs, both in affordability and overall quality.

If you are an RN who is looking to expand your career horizons, pursuing a BSN will put you in a strong position to do just that. These top programs offer the flexibility and results that make the programs worthwhile. Kaplan also offers a Master program if you want to continue your educational pursuits after receiving your BSN. Healthcare is one of the strongest career fields and enjoys a very robust growth rate. Continuing your education in the field of nursing will likely serve you well and help you to continuously grow throughout the life of your rewarding career as a nurse.