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Online Web Design Programs

Do you want to change your career or gain new skills, but don’t have the time to attend classes outside your home? Well, sit tight and take a few moments to acquaint yourself with a few of the limitless opportunities to learn web design via online programs. Keep reading to find out more about the top five picks.

Don’t Fear the Internet is designed for artistic professionals who want to program their own websites. It’s tough to get a paying gig as an artist if your awesome work is showcased on a third rate platform with questionable presentation. In seven video lessons you learn how to turn a basic Word Press file into a vastly improved website.

Learn Layout is a course for people who know a little about web design but want to take it to the next level. They jump right into CSS, assuming you are comfortable with HTML. Even if you aren’t, this class may be worth sitting through to get an idea of what else is out there. It’s easy enough to look up some basic HTML commands as they come up in the class. The format is slides of information you work through at your own discretion.

Code School lets you get your hands dirty fast. You learn by doing, and this site doesn’t assume you are passionate about the ins and outs of coding. If you want to create and manage your website without a content management system, this class is for you. To prevent the course from becoming monotonous, they include games to help you learn. There are several lessons, but for the full impact, you need to purchase the advanced course.

Dash Learn HTML includes great interactive tutorials. It’s made for beginners who want to learn about web design. Basic classes on on JavaScript, HTML and CSS get you started and hungry to learn more. They do a great job of relaying the concept that website design at its best keeps things simple. It gives you a few ideas on making a pleasing website, but you won’t become a boss Java developer after this course.

Channel 9 Web Development is for you if you don’t have a lick of experience but are web design curious. You watch videos, go off to absorb and maybe practice concepts and move on to the next one. The 21 videos will show you how to create a media-rich site. The whole course goes on for about 12 hours. So, if you are feeling ambitious you could do it in a weekend.

All of these courses will move you closer to being a Web Designer without breaking your piggy bank’s heart. That’s because these programs all have free version for beginners (and sometimes the full course)! The most you have to do is sign up for a free account. This is a great opportunity to learn a marketable skill with no out-of-pocket expense.