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Luxury Mattresses by Purple, Casper, and Sleep Number

The luxury mattress market has been upended by the arrival of internet-only brands such as Casper and Purple that provide the luxury of brands such as Sleep Number at a more affordable price point. Purple is actually the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign! These two options have many additional similarities, such as the single option of firmness, 9.5” thickness, and a well-regarded customer service department. But how do they compare to a more traditional luxury mattress such as Sleep Number?

First, let’s take a look at how the two upstarts match up: Casper vs. Purple. As we mentioned they are both available in one level of firmness and the mattresses measure 9.5” in thickness. Many reviewers indicate that customer selection of one brand over the other comes down to a simple case of personal preference. In fact, with the two brands offering a high level of customer care and reasonable return policies, it is likely that you will be satisfied with either brand and if you are not, returns are not a terrible headache. Main preference differences include whether you prefer a mattress that you sink into, which would cause you to opt for the Casper, or a bouncier and more resilient top layer which will make Purple your mattress of choice.

So how does Sleep Number compare to these two online-only options? The main difference is the availability of many different options with the Sleep Number bed. In addition to its dual-chamber flexibility, this mattress brand offers many more than the one firmness level that is provided by either Purple or Casper. The four different category types offered by Sleep Number all but ensure that they have a model that is a great fit for almost everyone!

The Casper mattress is made entirely of foam and contains an upper layer of breathable latex that helps to keep you cool while sleeping; the basic queen model can be purchased for around $900. However, many couples deem the added expense of the Sleep Number to be worthwhile because it can keep both people happy without either one having to compromise. This mattress is also constructed with more traditional materials that are familiar to many people and with their many showrooms, customers can have a firsthand experience with their mattress prior to purchase. On the other hand, Purple’s mattresses are constructed of a lightweight polymer that offers a unique that many consumers love but others find unsettling.

All three of these luxury mattress brands are a good choice, and most people would be happy with any of them. However, if you and your partner prefer different firmness levels, or you enjoy a more traditional type of sleep experience, the Sleep Number may be the right choice for you. Sleepers that have less restrictive requirements, or are looking for a surface that stays cool may prefer one of the more modern options. Consumers that are looking for a more cost-effective option may prefer either the Casper or Purple mattresses. Whichever you decide upon, it is likely that you will be experiencing sweet dreams for many years to come!