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Choose A Dispatch Field Service Management Software

Choosing a helpful field service software depends on which field you are concentrating on. A invoicing and accounting software reduces your paperwork and manual payroll calculations. A cloud-based data management software ensures safe and fast backup and recovery to local drive. A fleet management software help tracking real-time locations of your vehicle and reduce fuel cost via selecting a best routes in field service gps system.

Before committing to a specific field management solution, you should be aware not only of your organization’s specific needs, but also the particulars of what is being offered. Researching various options, reading up on field service management software reviews, and taking advantage of any free trials being offered are all vital to finding the right solution to fit your needs. That said, here are our top 4 features, benefits, and functions that a user must understand in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

Added Mobility Allows Ultimate Flexibility

Given that smartphones and other handheld smart devices are the primary communication tool for 49% of companies’ workforces, forcing agents to rely on other devices for important business communication doesn’t make much sense. The convenience of being able to use personal portable devices benefits not only the agent, but also the customer, who can enjoy up to-the-minute service updates that come from mobile-device based communication. But while many field management software options are accessible on mobile devices, only those that are designed to offer full functionality on mobile devices (rather than the limited functionality of interfaces borrowed directly from desktop platforms) provide all the benefits associated with mobility. As such, user reviews and trial usage periods are the best way to get a feel for how optimized for mobile specific field service software options are.

Cloud Storage is Now Commonplace

Although the cloud has become industry standard for the best field service providers, there are some that still rely on outdated batch-processing methods and in-house computer servers. The cloud provides not only real-time updating across all devices, but also allows organizations to save money on expensive hardware installation. At the same time, cloud data is automatically backed up and stored offsite, so that no local threats (such as fires, floods, etc.) can endanger the system. And, for field service management software, cloud-based systems are generally better able to integrate with existing company CRM and related systems, for a more streamlined overall process.

Ensure Scalability for Future Conquests

Your business isn’t stagnant, and neither should be your field service management software. A field management solution that can be customized—to fit your organization’s unique needs not only for today, but also for years to come—helps ensure that you have the room you need to grow. And, should your company’s focus shift, or it’s processes change along the way, a superior, scalable service management software solution can easily shift along with it. Likewise, a scalable solution can be used to benefit businesses both large and small, so whether you are looking for something for a small business that operates out of your garage, or you need a field service solution fit for an enterprise-level organization, a scalable solution that can handle massive amount of data and integrate into existing systems is a must. Scalability may also factor into cost, with some providers preferring pay-as-you-go pricing models, so that you won’t have to worry about being charged for features you don’t use.

Work Order Management Made Easy

Before an agent can complete an assignment, a work order must be created. Work orders provide the instructions and other details needed for fulfilling a particular job, but even more than that, work orders are used to assign personnel and manage the scope of the agent’s responsibilities. Because of this, work orders are supremely important. Field service software increases work order effectiveness, by instantly creating work orders as job details are acquired, assigning jobs based upon availability and skillset, providing customers with invoices to help keep them informed and up-to-date, and tracking job progress. In fact, work orders are so important that work-order management is the most sought-after feature by customers of field service software solutions.