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Breast Cancer - New Treatments, Breakthroughs, and Warning Signs

Breast cancer is a disease that mostly affects women and when detected early can be successfully treated. There are many signs and symptoms that can alert you that you may have a health situation that you will want to get checked out, but not all issues relating to breast pain and abnormalities are caused by breast cancer. There are also new treatments available that have proven to be extremely effective in eradicating tumors in early use. These new treatments and breakthroughs can increase the likelihood of surviving breast cancer, especially when it is detected early.

New treatments such as a recent European development have seen amazing results such as the shrinkage of major tumors in just 11 days. This breakthrough is significant for women who have an aggressive form of the disease as this new treatment works best on HER-2 positive cancers that can be fast moving and fatal. These findings were recently reported at the European Breast Cancer Conference in Amsterdam and more studies and clinical trials will need to be performed. However, this breakthrough has many oncologists optimistic about future advancements in the treatment of breast cancer.

There are some symptoms to be aware of when detecting breast cancer in its early stages, such as any discoloration or changes to the nipple, any nipple discharge, and rashes on the breast, collarbone, or underarm area. Any skin irritations in this area of the body should be checked by a doctor to ensure that they are not a sign of a more serious issue. Pain, lumps, and other changes that are associated with hormonal changes should disappear at the onset of your next period. If any pain or lumps persist after the start of your cycle it can be a sign of a problem. Discuss any such occurrences with your doctor.

Breast cancer is not the only condition that causes many of the symptoms that are attributed to it, incidences such as breast lumps can be attributed to fibrocystic breast disease or fibroadenoma, a non-cancerous tumor in the breast tissue. If you do find a lump in your breast it does not automatically mean that you have breast cancer, but all such lumps should be checked by your doctor if they do not go away at the start of your next cycle.

With the tremendous breakthroughs that are occurring in the treatment of breast cancer, it is now a condition from which many people recover. If you experience any tenderness, discharge, lumps, or other changes in your breast or nipple area it is often best to have them checked to maintain your peace of mind. While there are many conditions that can also cause a lot of the common early warning signs of breast cancer, early detection of this disease increases the likelihood of successful treatment significantly.

If there is a history of breast cancer occurring in your immediate family, it is considered best practice to review such history with your doctor and to remain vigilant in self-examination of the breasts.