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Best Safety Razor For Sensitive Skin

Shaving has been part of men’s facial grooming and women’s beauty routine. In the process, there are only two possible results; it could either leave your skin smooth and flawless or consign razor burn, ingrown and cuts. The latter can happen to anyone, but of all people, those have skin sensitivity issues are more susceptible and can only tolerate less irritation. If such is your case, then it might be time to choose among the best razors for sensitive skin that’ll work for you.

What is a razor
A razor refers to a piece of metal blade affixed to a handle with the aim of getting the task of removing unwanted hair follicles more efficient and safer than just the metal blade alone. When it comes to sensitive skin, however, the friction of scraping the metal in the flesh irritates, thus, using the best razors for sensitive skin is advisable.

The oldest type of the best razors for sensitive skin is the straight edge razor made of a foldable long, straight blade in a fixed handle. One may go for straight razors considering that you have the knowledge to manipulate it because the long blade is exposed and downright dangerous. However, they come in tiny little guards over the edge. With the right technique, this type of best razors for sensitive skin can smoothly glide over with minimal pull and tug, minimizing irritation.

People who find straight edge razors complicated to use may go another type of the best razors for sensitive skin called “safety razors”. They are composed of one to five disposable shorter blades built in an adjustable shaving head with handy grip. The beauty of it is that it comes with detachable blades and that you may choose according to skin type. Akin to these are the cartridge razors and other double edge blades. As best razors for sensitive skin, they are designed to get the job done in just a fewer passes. Fewer strokes mean less irritation and rashes.
If your skin is not overly sensitive, you can ditch the best razors for sensitive skin and opt for a good clean electric razor with a little power behind it. Electric razor’s concept involves rotary shavers equipped with a DC motor. The market is full of many designs that require different shaving techniques and uses and with a little know-how, one can get the job done in a quicker time with electric razors.

Our Overall Choice Among The Best Razors For Sensitive Skin
Topping the best razors for sensitive skin is Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver, Model 790cc for a hassle-free shaving that minimizes skin irritation. It has all the exceptional technology you could ask for in an electric razor. The cutting performance is unmatched and built to last you a lifetime. This alone makes the product a great long-term investment despite its high-end price.