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IBS Treatment Center


There are many hospitals across North America equipped with doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating digestive disorders such IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), who are referred to as gastroenterologists. Gastroenterologists are doctors who are thoroughly trained in diagnosing and treating conditions that pertain to gastrointestinal motility.

These specialists provide patients with comprehensive treatment plans, especially those involving biofeedback, to relieve the most common symptoms of IBS such as diarrhea and constipation. Most IBS treatment centers also have in-house psychologists whose expertise lies in the treatment of individuals with IBS, from talk therapy to therapies used to relieve pain. These centers also have registered nurses, physical therapists, and licensed dietitians who have been trained to guide those with IBS through their treatment process.

Medical Services Offered at IBS Treatment Centers

Medical teams at IBS treatment centers have access to a variety of tests and methods to monitor patients’ digestive function. Based on an evaluation of symptoms, specialists at IBS treatment centers conduct and perform:

- Gastrointestinal scintigraphy (to check digestive motility)

- Tests for assessing muscle contractions in the gastrointestinal tract

- Defecography (provides an image of the rectum and anal canal during a bowel movement)

- Tests for food sensitivities such as lactose intolerance and checking for conditions such as celiac disease

Best Treatment Centers for IBS

One of the best treatment centers for digestive conditions in the United States is Mayo Clinic located in Rochester, Minnesota. The U.S. News & World Report ranks the clinic number 1 on their list of Best Hospitals for Gastroenterology & GI Surgery. Mayo Clinic is indeed equipped with the most prolific researchers, the most advanced medical technology, and the clinic’s specialists handle the diagnosis and treatment of nearly 5000 patients annually.

Following Mayo Clinic, the U.S. News & World Report lists the Cleveland Clinic as the second best hospital for the treatment of digestive disorders. The third on the list is the treatment center of Johns Hopkins Hospital located in Baltimore, Maryland.

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