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8 Reasons You Should Get an MBA

Obtaining an MBA, master’s of business administration, is usually synonymous with success and career stability. Many view this level of education as a shiny trophy on their resumes. Others question whether an MBA program is worth investing their money and time into. However, the general consensus is that obtaining an MBA diploma requires great discipline and a myriad of skills, which eventually pays off big time. So if you are wondering whether you should enroll in an MBA program, here are some compelling reasons to do so.

1. Endless Career Opportunities

Whether you work as an accountant, at a restaurant, or at a hospital, an MBA degree provides you with the necessary skills and knowledge to advance your career. Most importantly, an MBA program prepares you for managerial positions within your field, it teaches you how to think like a businessperson, how to understand business terms and statistics, which would be incomprehensible to the average person, but they are critical for you to solve problems and make important decisions. Employers recognize the value of graduates possessing an MBA degree and often make use of the very impressive skill set you have acquired in your MBA program.

2. Change Your Career, or Even Start Your Own Business

What if your current career does not provide much opportunity for growth? Maybe your current job doesn’t take advantage of your abilities and skills fully. An MBA program also trains you to understand how the workforce operates and what employers need. It is a very flexible field, training you in multiple aspects of the business world, and not confining you to one specialty. This, in turn, enables graduates to change careers easily.

Also, surprise, surprise, you will have the necessary skill set and expertise to start your own business with an MBA. Many experts view business school education as an essential asset to have when starting a business. The business terms, accounting, and even financing are all major parts of a business that many people have no idea how to manage. Studies have shown that businesses managed by a qualified business school graduate have double the chance of being successful over others.

3. Transition from Classroom to Workplace

The MBA curriculum typically includes real-life case studies and problem-solving exercises, making the transition from studying business to running a business much smoother than any other field. Teamwork is heavily incorporated to any MBA program to teach you to work well with others. This further teaches you about the real world where you will primarily have to be in constant interaction with your coworkers and clients. The purpose of business school is to prepare you to be a competent and qualified business person, which means that the skills you learn in the classroom will be incredibly useful to you throughout your career. Simply put, business owners need someone who has experience in real-life situations and is able to combine that knowledge with established theory, i.e. the business major.

4. The Salary = KA-Ching!

When people think of businesspeople, they think of money; people who handle, exchange, make, and manage money. And although a person’s income is based on different factors, people who graduate from an MBA program can look forward to a relatively large salary. According to’s 2010 salary survey, a Bachelor of Arts graduate makes on average $57,311 while an MBA graduate will probably make $84,257.

To give you more of a detailed view, here’s what the Bureau of US Labor Statistics provides for hourly salaries in the year 2009:

Financial managers: $54.68
Personnel and labor relations managers: $50.73
Managers: marketing, advertising, public relations: $57.73
Managers: medicine and health: $43.74
Managers: properties and real estate: $28.20
Accountants and auditors: $32.42

Source: Thinkstock/varaphoto Source: Thinkstock/varaphoto

5. Networking

Probably one of the most important benefits of an MBA program is the relationships you get to build. As mentioned earlier, a large part of every MBA program will entail working in groups to complete projects. Getting comfortable with team work serves a more important purpose than just teaching you how to play nice with others; it also helps you forge a network of alumni that will be your contacts in the future. Making as many contacts as you can will serve you well when you are looking for jobs or services from a wide array of companies at which your former classmates are now working. An MBA degree attracts talented people from many different fields, which means that these networking opportunities may translate into lifelong partnerships and reward you with valuable relationships.

What about an online MBA program? And what are some good reasons to consider finishing an MBA program online?

6. Convenience

It is convenient for you to pursue an MBA program online as long as you have good internet connection at home, at your office, or even at coffee shops. In short, as long as you have access to the internet, you are able to study anywhere, any time. For instance, if you already have a full-time job, you can use your lunch breaks to brush up on some courses and/or catch up with your course materials.
Low Costs
The fee for pursuing the program online is more economical compared with the traditional program as a lot of fees incurred in the campus as well as traveling expenses can be excluded.

7. Comfort

Completing your MBA degree online means that, you can study at your own pace listening to your music, having any type of foods and drinks without restrictions, and work in the comfort of your own house with comfortable clothes on. You can schedule your studying hours and breaks at your own discretion.

8. Less Pressure

By studying at home, you will be less stressful as it is free of peer pressure. There are no classmates to speak of so you there is really no need to compete against your classmates to get the work done or get good marks.

As you can see, there are many reasons to make the decision to enroll in an MBA program, even an MBA program online. In fact, the pros of obtaining an MBA degree online are more numerous than getting your education in person. All you need is a willingness to practice self-discipline and a good internet connection.

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