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The Redesigned 2018 Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey was already one of the top-selling minivans around. The completely redesigned 2018 version takes that to an even higher level. About the only knock on this vehicle in recent years has been the acceleration, and it is improved with this model. It adds a lot of new technology to the mix, a huge interior and the infotainment system has gotten even easier to use. It was already among the best, and the new generation that arrives in 2018 will be tough to beat as a great family vehicle. This is a large minivan, almost a full-sized van, with three rows of seats. The Odyssey will be an even better family vehicle that will make long road trips a breeze.

When they say this vehicle is redesigned, they are not kidding. This new generation is about the same size, but just about everything is at least tweaked. The infotainment center is now an 8-inch screen in front and another 12-inch screen in the back. The base model does still have the five-inch screen. The dash board is also updated with a smoother look and easier to use materials. Color-coded technology also makes it easier to use. This minivan is big. It even includes an intercom to help the driver talk to back seat passengers. A camera also shows the rear seats. Also new is easier sliding second-row seats, but they still must be put all the way down to make use of cargo space. The engines are also updated with more power and more fuel economy. There are also plenty of technical updates, making it more modern and safer.

There are no fewer than eight trim levels for the Odyssey, but you have to pick a trim level as you cannot add individual features. The base model is the LX, followed by the EX and EX-L. The EX-L also has four sub-trim levels, which include Navi, Res, Touring, and Elite. All levels come with the same engine - a 3.5 liter V- that cranks out 280 horses and 262-foot pounds of torque. There is a nine-speed or a 10-speed transmission depending on the trim level. The base level seats seven and all other levels seat eight. As you move up in trim levels you get more technology and more comfort features. At the EX-L level, you get a sunroof. The top of the line Elite has what all the others have, in addition to 19-inch wheels, noise reducing glass, ventilated seats and an 11-speaker premium sound system. The Odyssey is expected to get between 19 and 28 miles per gallon.

Technology and safety are areas where the Odyssey stands out. Even at the base level, there is hands-free texting available. Cabin watch allows you to keep an eye on the entire cabin, and of course, there is a rear-view camera. It has the engine shutoff feature, that turns the motor off when you stop. The Odyssey allows you some manual control over that, which makes it a little better than most cars that have this feature. The Odyssey also has all the standard technology features like automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, auto high beams and rear cross traffic warning. One great improvement for 2018, reviewers say, is that the Odyssey is much quieter than previous editions.