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The Best Free Online College Business Degree

It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive these days to get an education in business. In fact, you can even get an online college business degree for free! Multiple online courses are offered by reputable colleges and universities. All of these offer classes that allow you to gain specialized skills which are required by employers to boost their business in career domains such as accounting, marketing, finance, human resources, and inventory management. Additionally, they even teach soft skills such as organizational behavior, decision-making techniques, as well as problem handling.

Many free online college business degree courses run over 4-6 week periods, featuring interactive sessions with participation from global business leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs who share their knowledge and skills. These courses teach real life experiences and actual problems people will face every day in the business world. At the end of these courses an individual will  be able to demonstrate the following qualities such as:

  • Commercial awareness among employers.
  • Dealing with financial matters with confidence.
  • Strategies for driving business or marketing.
  • The impact of cash flow.
  • Employee engagement and teamwork.

The following universities are some which offer a free online college business degree…

Online College Business Degree

Understanding of Financial Markets with Bob Shiller - Yale University

Bob Shiller, a Noble Laureate in Economics and considered a leader in financial education, teaches this course at Yale. The course has 23 lectures comprising of 75 minutes each. The course totals approximately 10hrs in a week. It covers theories of financial markets and its weakness and strengths. Present relativity in comparison to its origination as well as limitations and flaws of various institutions of BFSI (Banking Financial Services & Insurance) industry.

Online College Business Degree

Entrepreneurship through the Lens of Venture Capital - Stanford University

The thought behind launching this course is to explain the process of starting up a small business with hopes to grow it and turn it into a high return business. It concentrates on modeling and taking up IPO standards. The course offers 11 power packed lectures with an average time length of 1hr each.

Online College Business Degree

World of Gamification - The University of Pennsylvania/Wharton

Firstly, this ten-week program averages six hours per week while the course’s intent is to offer information on how Gamification operates. Secondly, it teaches students how to understand the tools and techniques in the gaming industry. It also explains how psychology and human behavior influences technology advances, productivity, and engagement with users.  

Online College Business Degree

Financial Engineering and Risk Management - Columbia University

This course requires a minimum of ten hours per week and lasts for seven weeks. This course has a more relevant and serious subject matter to enhance your career path. It teaches students about how financial markets work and the best ways to invest in short as well as long-term plans. Financial engineering is an amalgamation of finance, mathematics, statistics, computational methodologies and also engineering.

Online College Business Degree

How to Reason and Argue - Duke University

Firstly, the course takes about six hours a week and can last for up to 12 weeks. This course teaches students how to get involved in an argument, understand the flaw in the process, and eventually derive logical argument. Additionally, it usually explains related business terms like ‘negotiation’ and ‘sales’.


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