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5 Best Cryptocurrency Plugins for WordPress

Like it or not, cryptocurrencies are not going anywhere anytime soon. If the prosperity and acclaim of payment systems such as Bitcoin and Ethereum can tell us anything, cryptocurrencies are representative of what the future holds.

Even huge online industry giants like Amazon and eBay are accepting cryptocurrencies as a valid method of payment. Research shows that up to 6 million people already possess a cryptocurrency wallet; a number that is only projected to increase steadily.

So, at this stage, you may be very much interested in embracing Bitcoin as an accepted method of payment for your online store or even just having Ethereum exchange rates live up on your company website. If this is where you are at, think about looking into some of these nifty cryptocurrency WordPress plugins for your business.

Accepting Bitcoin

If you want to accept cryptocurrencies as a method of payment, before even getting to which plugins to select, you first need to register for a payment service like BitPay for cryptocurrency transactions, which is typically known as a cryptocurrency wallet.

BitPay is an excellent choice as it is easy and secure to create a payment system on your WordPress site with BitPay, which is also compatible with many plugins such as WooCommerce. One setback of BitPay is that the service is limited to Bitcoin transactions. Hence, if you are interested in taking other emerging cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Ethereum, an option like CoinPayments may be a better choice for you.

Here are the top cryptocurrency plugins for your WordPress website:

#1 GoUrl

GoUrl is an open-source payment network that enables retailers and websites to safely process Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin transactions; though, more cryptocurrencies pairs are available. The payment platform gives users a free WordPress plugin that can work in unison with various other plugins such as WooCommerce. It is incredibly easy to install the plugin to begin processing Bitcoin transactions without any delays.

#2 Mollie

Mollie is an all-encompassing plugin that saves users from having to install numerous WordPress plugins to allow different kinds of payment methods. Using Mollie, you can accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, as well as Bitcoin on your site.

Mollie Payments can be paired with WooCommerce to sell virtual and physical merchandise on your company site. The cherry on top is that the plugin is free of charge without any payment processing fees.

#3 Coin Charts

Display the past data linked to cryptocurrencies is another key feature that you can include on your website to enlighten your readers. If your website is a news outlet or an exchange site, this, this plugin will especially increase the appeal of your content.

Coin Charts is a beautifully designed plugin that allows you to display the historical records of almost 70 cryptocurrencies with graphs and visuals. You can also personalize the plugin to schedule updates. The price of Coin Charts is $15 for one WordPress site.

#4 Bitcoin Calculator

Bitcoin Calculator is a straightforward but highly beneficial plugin that can calculate Bitcoin prices in 32 currencies. After installing, you can either place the calculator on a single page or simply embed it on a section to allow your audience to figure out the price of various bitcoin amounts in any given currency.

#5 Give

If your business is non-profit and dependent on donations, Give is hands-down the best plugin for you. A user favorite, Give allows for recurring and one-time cryptocurrency contributions. Give also includes a Stripe add-on that can process credit card as well as cryptocurrency transactions.

The plugin is free to install, but the Stripe add-on is $62 per website, including a fee of 2.9% as well as $0.30 from each transaction.

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