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10 Reasons to Get Your Nursing Degree Online

Do you want to become a nurse but wonder about the challenges of balancing on-campus studies with family and work? Well, a nursing degree online may be your best option. Online nursing degree courses didn’t exist in the early 1990’s, but more than 96% of colleges today offer online courses. The availability of online courses has increased the chances for prospective nurses to get an education.

Even though some skeptics still question their value, nursing degree online programs are quickly rising in popularity. Simply because most offer the same intensive career interaction, preparation, and student support like their on-campus equivalents.

Actually, online nursing degree programs from accredited, non-profit institutions may even offer more benefits not available in more traditional programs. Without further ado, let us examine the top ten reasons a nursing degree online is a good idea.

1. More Flexibility

Nurses often need to work in shifts and can find it hard to attend traditional classes. Online courses provide a more flexible schedule for learning. You can study whenever you want at any place. Moreover, you don’t need to create time in your busy schedule to attend classes. This means that if you need to work while studying, online courses make this a possibility for you.

2. Earn More Money

The United State Census Bureau’s National Salary Survey of 2006 revealed that a Registered Nurse (RN) can earn $15,000 more than a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) per annum. By acquiring an RN degree, an LPN could add $150,000 to his/her income over a ten-year period. So, once you have completed your nursing degree online, you can really bump up your earning potential.

Nursing Degree Online

3. Convenience

When taking an online nursing class, you don’t need to fight the traffic on your way to school nor do you need to search for a parking space. The class is available 24/7, and you can go through it wherever you want at any time. All of your study materials are readily available to you online, and you can chat with your colleagues and fellow students at all times. 

4. Lifelong Learning

In a traditional class, students often forget what they learn more easily. Establishing skills to search for information on the Internet while learning enables you to continue studying even after you get your degree.

5. Individual Attention

In a traditional nursing class, most students often think of a question they want to ask their lecturer after the class is over or compete with other students during the class. This is not a problem in an online class; you have a direct line to your instructor 24/7, and you get answers to all of your questions promptly (often within 24 hours).

6. Brings the Classroom to You

Even if you reside in an area where there aren’t any colleges nearby, you can still attend your classes and pursue your nursing degree online.

7. Financial Benefits

By taking online classes, you save cash on parking and gas. You can eat at home instead of eating out on your way to class or on campus. You do not have to employ someone to look after your kids as you attend your class. And you can even keep up your job if you need to.

8. Access to a Global Market

When pursuing a nursing degree online, you’ll be interacting with fellow students from all over the world. Virtual campuses offer you the perfect opportunity to connect with like-minded peers from different parts of the world.

In online classes, you will meet a diverse group of nursing students with a wide range of ideas, experiences, and insights. Some online nursing programs also provide on-campus support which enables you to get feedback on your skills, guidance from faculty members, and spend time with your peers. Geographical barriers don’t exist in an online classroom.

9. Establish Lasting Friendships

Attending a traditional class might not offer you enough time to get to know your fellow nursing students. An online class provides you a good chance to build friendships with your colleagues via chat rooms, discussion boards, and mailing lists. In fact, you interact more with fellow students online than you do in a traditional class.

10. Get it Done Quicker

Online courses are available throughout the year. Therefore, you can enroll at a time of your choosing and finish your degree in a shorter period if you prefer. In fact, you can study throughout the summer and complete your degree in fewer than 4 years.

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